Saturday, May 5, 2012

Tour - Day Nine

Number One
Cold Overcome
With the help of a big sleep, nasal sprays, orange juice and cold pills - my cold was vanquished!

Number Two
Viper Room/Slacker Radio
As I mentioned yesterday, today was going to be a busy day for the band and not having the effects of a cold weighing down on me was a huge relief. We started things off back at SIR Studios recording and filming three tracks for an online radio station called Slacker Radio (the videos should be there in the next few days). I then chilled at our hotel for a few hours before heading to the Viper Room for our last show in the US for this trip. It's always a bit of a thrill playing at venues with so much heritage, so we once again we enjoyed our time at Viper Room - the show went great and I was relieved as hell!

Number Three
Later on in the night the band met up with the boys from Naked and Famous and we went to their place for drinks. I can't remember too much except shotgunning beers to In the Still of the Night by Whitesnake - hard to top that memory really.

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