Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Tour - Day Six

Number One
Big Sur
I've always loved the song Big Sur by The Thrills and I finally got to find out what it was all about on our way up to San Francisco...then I had the song stuck in my head for about three hours.

Number Two
One unexpected highlight of the drive north from LA was stopping to view an elephant seal colony. I've never actually got close to one of these guys before, especially in the wild. It was awesome. Here's a wee video of what was going on.

Number Three
The drive from Los Angeles to San Francisco along the Pacific Coast Highway (not the one in the Coromandel) is listed as one of the greatest road trips you can do in the world by National Geographic. It was a nine hour drive all-up, including stops, and I can now say I've driven the whole thing. It was a side of the US I hadn't seen before - as we've mostly been based within large cities on previous trips - and it really was a beautiful drive.

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