Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Tour - Days 31 & 32

Somehow two days have been lost in my writings...they're somewhere between Auckland and LA and maybe LA and London...I apologise profusely.

Number One
Going home
I was about ready for this, the long ride home. Although we somehow made it very hard for ourselves - we played a show Friday night (horrible venue, but fun) and stayed up all night to catch a flight to Hong Kong at 5am. Four hours later we arrived in a rain-soaked Hong Kong with the prospect of a further 36 hour wait until we made the trip to Auckland. It wasn't an ideal situation but at least we got to have some rest before we jumped on the final plane trip of the tour.

Number Two
Hong Kong
I arrived in Hong Kong battling stomach cramps from, I think, being dehydrated as hell on our last night in Singapore. The pain didn't really relent while I was there so it may have actually been a bit of a bug (I'm discovering I must have a sensitive stomach). So I pretty much spent the whole 36 hours in our hotel and its immediate surrounds. The best part of it all was that our hotel was no normal hotel - it was the Panda Hotel. And not just in name, this place was all about pandas, they were everywhere - and you have to love an animal that makes it seem like its only goal in life is to look good while becoming extinct.

Number Three
Welcome to fabulous...
Welcome to fabulous...Auckland! On Monday morning we descended through a thick layer of cloud to catch sight of a dull, rainy and cold cityscape - my home. As amazing as this adventure has been, there is nothing like the prospect of the comfort of friends, family and loved ones in the place where you live. That, and a decent coffee.

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