Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Album of my week: An Awesome Wave

I've got a tonne of new music to listen to at the moment, so I'm going to post my highlights over the coming weeks on here.

First up is an album that stood out on first listen - Alt-J's debut, An Awesome Wave.

It's hard to pinpoint the sound on this record - at times it sounds ethno-pop, other times plain electro-pop - but the main thing is it's one of those albums you can put on around the house or in your car and at no point feel the urge to skip a track or turn it off.

What I didn't realise before writing this entry was that their main single, Breezeblocks, had its video directed by a good friend of good friends of mine who live in New York. Crazy small world. That's the video below, so please enjoy and get the album if you're feeling generous.

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