Friday, June 1, 2012


Last night had the unexpected pleasure of going along to see Opossum play in Newmarket, Auckland.

I hadn't planned on going along to the show as I've arrived back in Auckland completely out of the loop of social events - but a good friend had a spare ticket and invited me along with him. Now I'm glad I said yes.

I had only heard a few songs from Kody Neilson's (Mint Chicks) new project before the show and I was pretty open-minded about what to expect.

What came at me, in a room only capable of holding around 60 people, was a groove-ridden, rock 'n' soul sound full of great tunes and beats.

Kody began the show on keys, while Bic Runga held down the drums - they swapped after a few songs and Bic played the last few on guitar...yeah, they're great musicians and inspiring to watch from my point of view. The standout in the group's sound is rhythm - the drum work and, especially, the bass grooves and tone from Michael Logie were perfect - and this creates what is an interesting and captivating bed of sound to base pop melodies and harmonies around.

Needless to say, I bought the album right after the show and absorbed it on the drive home - it's an inch too fuzzed-out for my own personal sensibilities, but it's a great set of songs that really come alive when brought to a venue and played loud.

Definitely check out the songs and a live show soon if you can!

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