Thursday, July 26, 2012

Album of my week: Gentle Spirit

This week it's an album that sometimes sounds like it's as if Led Zeppelin reformed and re-recorded an album consisting entirely of acoustic tracks - Gentle Spirit by Jonathan Wilson.
It's a largely sleepy, acoustic-based record that is very folky in terms of the stories it tells but it puts a spin on what can be a pretty straight-ahead genre by presenting the listener with some really original musical surroundings to the guitar - all designed by himself as the album's producer. It features guest appearances from some incredible musicians and

He's a California native who's a sure-fire example of a songwriter that has earned his way and grafted within the industry before releasing something himself - previous to this album he was largely a producer and guest musician on a ton of albums, some that were very successful in their field. Tom Petty, Elvis Costello and Jackson Browne, among others, are all talking about him and scrambling to work with him - he's nailed it with this record.

At age 37 Wilson released his first official studio album late last year to amazing critical acclaim - take one listen and I'm pretty sure you'll hear why. If you enjoy please spread the word and get great music heard.

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