Thursday, July 19, 2012

Album of my week: Heaven

This week I've been indulging in an album from a band I think have just nailed their sound - The Walkmen.
Heaven is the band's seventh studio album after being a band for 12 years, so a pretty good strike rate in terms of productivity. I loved their last album, Lisbon, and I was definitely interested to see what would come next.

As is often the case for bands, the exact sound of this collection of songs doesn't vary a whole lot from their previous release - but I'm of the opinion that this record has a few more spoonfuls of magic in it.

Their sound is electric-folk - low production values, live recordings, expressive and rough-edged vocals all revolve around folk stories. If you like Arcade Fire, Modest Mouse, Cold War Kids, Gaslight Anthem etc then take a listen and get the album if it tickles you.

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