Friday, August 17, 2012

Album Of My Week: Passing Stranger

I'm not sure who exactly recommended this album to me, it was found in the musical notes I take down in my iPhone, but before I begin I must say thank you very much.

Passing Stranger is the debut album from Englishman Scott Matthews. It was released in 2006 and had some buzz in the UK at the time but I've only just made my discovery. 
Again, it's a folky, acoustic-based record - very much my buzz right now as you could tell - though this is definitely more rootsy than others I've recommended. His voice has shades of a bunch of great vocalists - Jeff Buckley, Justin Vernon, Nick Cave...he also can be more accessible on the record in a Jack Johnson kind of way...(hate me if you will, I believe Mr Johnson has written some lovely wee songs, so there!)

It has a good mix of quiet, light songs but he definitely does rock in The Fool Is Fooling Himself and is always in the blues. It's a great album and I'll now be seeking out his subsequent efforts for sure.

Have a listen, but if you like the sound of a rootsy, bluesy, folk album mixed up with Jeff Buckley, Nick Cave and Bon Iver just get it now.  

This song rules:

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