Monday, September 3, 2012

Album of my week: Karen Dalton

So I've cheated a little this week but it's all because two days of fleeting spring inspired me to go on a musical mission to find a soundtrack to my sunny book-reading.

What I came up with wasn't an album, but more of a catalogue.
Karen Dalton was a folk musician from the same era as early Bob Dylan who didn't find huge success but was very well respected in that scene at the time.

She released a total of two albums and they make for the perfect soundtrack for quiet, breezy, summer sessions. There's a wide variety of tonality in her songs and her unique voice makes those tones all the more interesting.

It's all twangy, jangly, loungy, folky goodness from a time everyone wanted to live in, so get yourself a taste if that sounds like you.

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