Monday, October 15, 2012

A new adventure

In just over a month I'm going to be taking on a new challenge in my life - TV.

In late November I will begin filming as host of a New Zealand travel show called BGTV which is played largely on the Air New Zealand in-flight entertainment system, but also on the Living Channel.

I've never been involved in television in a role other than being interviewed and I've never considered it, to be perfectly honest. So, in a time of my life filled with new beginnings and challenges I figured why not throw something else in the mix.

This will in no way detract from my music (which is coming along nicely thank you), in fact, it may even play a part in the series in some form if the situation allows.

This is obviously something I'm really excited about and feel totally blessed to be a part of - I can now say I have been paid to do a great triumvirate of jobs so far in my life: write/perform music, watch sport and, now, travel.

Chur to the chur.

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