Monday, October 1, 2012

Album Of My Week: Simone Felice

More folky, story-telling goodness for you from me this week...just for a change right?

I know I'm getting rather one-eyed in my recommendations, but I simply cannot help what I gravitate towards and, right now, it's probably influenced a lot by the kind of music I'm recording myself.

In fact, this album has a lot of the production values that I envision my final album-product to be like - an emphasis on the story and the natural ways people go about communicating those tales through music. So I suppose that's why I'm throwing it out there.
I don't know much about Mr Simone Felice and, like most books and music that come my way, I cannot remember who recommended it to me. But this self-titled album is awesome and my memory-less brain thanks my now forgotten benefactor.

This album is for people who are into Josh Ritter, Noah and the Whale, The Low Anthem, Great Lake Swimmers, Iron and Wine, Nebraska, etc...

Here's a single from the album - it's probably not particularly representative of the whole record, as it's much more upbeat than most of the other tracks, but it's a great song and it's a reflection of his very evident songwriting qualities.

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