Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Albums of my Week: Kiwi Quickshots

Luke Thompson
The new album from a guy from my hometown, Tauranga, who gets better and better the more he writes and releases material. Folky melodies and stories pair with 60s-inspired instrumentation and Thompson's pop-inclined vocals to make these songs a great addition to a relaxing summer soundtrack. PLUS, it's a free download...what a generous man!  

The Impending Adorations
This hypnotic, atmospheric album is the latest project by Paul McLaney aka Gramsci. It's an organic electronic album that, in its opening minute, could strike you as almost abrasive - but as further layers emerge, this becomes the background to a mesmerising and melodic story, almost an imitation of life itself. Listen to it with a great book or with great evening conversation. 
Great North
I've mentioned Great North before on here - they're an extremely underrated NZ act and should be heard a lot more. They released a new album a few months ago which has since been nominated for NZ Folk album of the Year and had a song nominated for a Silver word is slowly getting out. I don't need to say much else, just have a listen and spread the word if you like it!

Links have been flying around the internet the past week as people discover the songs available to stream via There is no information on the artist, no description, no pictures. This is the way new music is and should be marketed in this internet age - especially if the music is great. Which this is. It's all a wonderful concoction, in my mind at least, of Ellie Goulding, Lana del Rey and The Weeknd with the youthful punch of an act like Kesha. For me, this blows away all current well-known solo female pop artists in NZ, all of them. And all from a 16-year-old from Takapuna who's still at high school.

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