Monday, February 4, 2013

Demo Wars - Week One (The Battle of Love)

I'm just gonna quickly go over the idea behind this Demo Wars thing again before (hopefully) you scroll down to the listening part (or you can do that and read this after you press play on the first track...).

These are raw song ideas. They are not meant to sound finished or polished, because they're not. I've deliberately left them that way so that these sketches can, hopefully, go all technicolour on my ass in the studio. BUT - to me a good song can be seen in the sketch, it has the potential to reach you with or without 'Zach-Tyler America' producing and mixing the track for a couple of grand.

So before I book him, I need your help in deciding which ones to use. 

Here goes....a couple of softies to begin...

The nature of song-writing is that a writer will often create songs sourced from a similar muse - and that's awesome - but people don't want to hear 12-15 of that vibe. I have a number of songs that I love that, unfortunately, do sound similar. Yeah, I can do one on piano and the other on guitar but that's cheating. So some tough calls have to be made...or not...I'm after impressions, so pick your favourite or pick them both.

Exhibit A

Exhibit B 

Please feel free to comment on the songs or, if words come hard, vote in the poll below - everything is appreciated.

Which song wins the war?


  1. Hi Jeremy thanks for this, my personal fave of the two is True, voted! Looking forward to the next one, fellow songwriter Ralphe,

  2. So Easy would be my preferred one :) I don't know if you would consider this, but I always loved (like, LOVED) Dead End Street, Don't Give Up and Rain, so if you were going to look at them again that would be awesome! Otherwise I'm still happy listening to my demos I have from way back haha. Cheers J

    1. They're always in the mix bro...will definitely record them properly one day. Though Dead End Street is a cover of this:

  3. I prefer "So Easy" myself. Sounds like there's a little more to it and the end is begging for a guitar solo ;)

  4. "So Easy" - There's a lot more to the lyrics, and I like the imagery.

    I agree with Brendan. An acoustic guitar / mandolin duet in there would sound awesome.

    1. I know what you mean...whistling was my fallback for lack of nimble fingers haha