Monday, February 18, 2013

Demo Wars - Week Three (Battle of the Sun)

Two weeks into this experiment and I'm enjoying the feedback - I'm definitely getting a good idea of what songs get through to you guys.

We've had a slow week and a blues week - this week is a general upbeat week...summer-themed, which I think is highly appropriate. Both songs are pretty experimental in what I'm writing as well.

First up is a song I co-wrote with mates around a box of DB Bitter back when it was still 4%...glory days. I have since re-worked the lyrics/melodies and this version is yet to have its bass-line or guitar solo included in it, so it's still very basic. You'll get the idea though.

The second is a song I wrote during the absolute joke last summer was in New Zealand. I like to think this was my own little "sun-dance".

Just to remind you, these "Demo Wars" songs are ones which I am unsure about as additions to my proper recording sessions - you are very likely to influence whether they get there or not, so please don't hesitate to vote or, even better, leave a comment with your thoughts.


Exhibit A

Exhibit B


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