Monday, February 11, 2013

Demo Wars - Week Two (The Battle of the Blues)

Right - thanks to everyone for their feedback on week one of Demo Wars. It's all been super helpful so far and it's to be able to share these ideas with you.

Week One seems to have been fairly conclusive - So Easy took out the battle. I wrote that one whilst half-asleep in a hammock at the start of this crazy summer we're having in New Zealand - so maybe all the Kiwis can relate to the vibe right now.

This week sees two bluesy numbers vying for your acceptance - I think it could be a tough battle. One is an old one which some of you avid followers might recognise whilst the other is very new.

The first - Drain My Pockets Dry - was written about five years ago. I played it a few times live with Midnight Youth but the band never really bought it...which could be a bad omen! But I've re-worked it since then, and I've always loved it, so I'm giving it another chance.

The second is Bleached Blonde Hair which really needs a full band to get across where I want it to go - in the meantime it has some interesting backing vocals filling the gaps where Chuck Berry should be.

So here goes - listen away - and if you're just joining the fun now, feel free to wander back to week one to have your say there as well.

Exhibit A

Exhibit B

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