Monday, April 22, 2013

Dead Confederate

I've harped on about these guys before but I somehow missed the fact that they released an EP last year and have just released another album.

The EP, Peyote People, a more blues-themed record than their previous more grunge-inspired albums - especially Wrecking Ball. It's much less angsty and more listenable - I mean, you don't necessarily have to pissed at something to listen to this one. It's awesome - if you like Alberta Cross, who I've mentioned before on here, and not liked the previous Dead Confederate album, then try this EP out.

And now, the new album - In The Marrow - has JUST been released this month. AND...for whatever reason it didn't come as good as the EP did on first listen. I'll give it a few more goes - but for now, just check out the EP and run with that before you head the way of the album.

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