Tuesday, April 16, 2013

On TV...sheeeeeit.

Ok, if you've been following me over the past six months you may now be getting the idea that I'm making a habit of throwing myself a lot of curveballs.

The results of one of these in particular are now out.

I first told you about this late last year - I would be hosting a TV series of sorts that would be broadcast on all Air New Zealand planes with in-seat entertainment. Well, now it's live - after, it seems, some nervous vetting by Air NZ and the businesses involved - and so, if you're travelling internationally you can check me out making a fool of myself around NZ. You just need to find the series somewhere in the travel section I believe - it's called BGTV.

You can also view edited versions of the clips online - so check them out, but please watch them with the knowledge that this was my very first TV effort...with no training, script, etc... so go easy on me!

Here's me getting boozed on the job.

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