Thursday, June 27, 2013

Why so quiet in here?

It's been a while.

I apologise for the lack of updates on here of late, it's been a difficult past few months as the music industry has chewed at the fat of my faith and confidence. I suppose this is coupled with the fact that I now work alone, so it's easy to get caught up in your own bubble of highs and lows.

After starting the year with the excitement of a flurry of new songs, an open road ahead and filming a video for a single (that you'll hopefully hear soon), my plans were soon caught up in red tape and the slowly turning cog of progress in this world. I also parted ways with my long-time management and am running my own ship until the right, new first-mate can be found.

So while progress floundered, so did my high hopes and, thus, my motivation for keeping my own wheels turning. So I officially apologise and I can say that I'm now back in my game and ready to run.

I did manage to achieve a few constructive things of late - mainly mentoring two schools in my beloved Bay of Plenty.

Firstly, I visited Western Heights High School in Rotorua where I worked with some seriously talented people. The thing that struck me most about them was their quite clear sense of self and style at such a young age. They aren't the teenagers of the 90s or early 00s (myself included) who, by in large, blindly followed what was handed to them by mass media and wanted to follow those examples. They are the result of a modern popular culture that comes at you from every angle and you can pick and choose what you fit in with and follow it. And this all came out in the music they played and wrote.

Secondly, I spent a few weeks looking after my parents' cat in Tauranga.

AND, while I was there, I spent a bunch of time at the Northern Hospital School. There were kids aged from 11-18 there and most weren't particularly musical, so it was a completely different challenge. My goal was to try and get across how easy it is to express yourself through writing and music and how simple a good song can be. Over the course of my time there we managed to write two songs together and they even helped me on some lyrics for one of my own.

My plans now revolve around recording this damn album. I've now got a confirmed budget and, over the next month, I want to assemble a crack team around me to tackle my songs and then get into a studio when the timing's all right. It will all most likely take longer than in my mind, but I'll be sure to keep you in the loop as my journey progresses.

Thank you to all those who are reading this and I promise to have music to show you soon.


  1. All the best, I saw you play at the iMac store in Auckland in 2009, you guys were great!

  2. All the best mate, the music industry is tough and often unfair, but the struggle and golden honesty shines through them songs.