Friday, October 18, 2013

Show announcement

Woah! I'm playing a show!

I'll be doing an acoustic set before the amazing Bonjah steps things up a gear in Kerikeri on January 24. This will be the first anyone will hear of my new music, which is set to start coming out in 2014, so I'd love to share that with you in person.

It's actually a great little story of how this show has come about. I grew up in Tauranga and lived next door to Regan, Bonjah's guitarist. We played much more backyard cricket and rugby together than music but we both left our high school and pursued this ridiculous music dream. While Regan headed off to Australia, with three other guys from Tauranga, to be a touring band based in Melbourne, I went all out in my travels... and headed to Auckland.

Over the past 10 years we've both been fortunate enough to find success in different ways and markets and I've always wanted to play a show with them. So when I was asked by Regan to get involved with this one, I didn't hesitate.

They're an incredible live act and certainly a Kiwi gem that most NZers haven't yet discovered. I have no doubt you'll love them - so please come along, enjoy it and claim them before Australia get dibs.

Ticket details here:

P.S - if music just isn't enough for you, Kerikeri has a chocolate factory.

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