Monday, April 14, 2014

Music video time

The music video for my first solo single, Bad Philosophy, is now floating around the internet and television worlds.

It was filmed in two places I've never been to before in my life - Pukekohe and Rotongaro. Yeah I'd never heard of Rotongaro before either and, just now, had to look it up's basically near that citadel of North Island culture, Huntly.

Pukekohe provided us with blue skies, sunburn, a quiet shopping district, a great bunch of extras and a lot of squashed fruit.

Rotongaro provided a place to blow stuff up, ridiculous Kiwi views and a torrential downpour which, when considering how much Rain FX costs, saved us a bunch of money.

I want to say a big thank you to Joe Hitchcock for directing the clip, his lovely wife Marama for producing/AD-ing, Ben Woollen as DOP, Moehau, Grant and Julia, Zac, Sascha, Sarah, George, Bailiee and Richard for their awesome work. Massive thanks also to our extras who gave their time and didn't mind that we soaked them to the bone and didn't offer them towels.

I hope you enjoy the visual addition to the track and it can accompany some true funtimes for you.


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