Saturday, November 1, 2014

Stage & screen

I've spent much of the past six weeks or so locked inside rooms and studios and now it's finally time to share what I've been up to with you all.

Tonight it's opening night for the stage show I'm in - Jesus Christ Superstar - at Auckland's Q Theatre.

It's been a challenging, fun and enlightening experience rehearsing this show and working with so many talented actors, singers and crew members has been unlike anything I've done over the past decade of singing.

I can't stress how privileged I feel to be playing a role alongside some truly world class performers as well as how much you should try and get along to a show while the season is on.

The other challenge I recently took on was presenting my second TV show - this time the Smokefree Rockquest 2014 series which begins tonight on FOUR at 5:30pm.

This time around, the presenting gig was much more scripted and direct to camera as opposed to my other less formal role with BGTV.

The hardest part of this job was overcoming my 'almost-bitchy resting face'...well, more like 'concerned-looking resting face'. I quickly figured the best way to get a grin into my eyes was to picture one of a number of things in the camera lens: any of my nieces or nephews, any shreds video or the below picture of my dream dog (the big one).

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