Wednesday, December 31, 2014

2014 - Thank You

As I sit here and watch the sun rise for the final time in 2014, I feel a satisfied man. And I’m a man full of thankfulness for the support you all have given me in enabling me to tick some serious boxes this year.

You helped me release my first solo album, my third to make the Top 10 in New Zealand.

You helped me host my second TV show - Smokefree Rockquest 2014.

You helped me play a lead role in my first ever theatre production - Jesus Christ Superstar - and helped make it a huge success.

You helped me start work representing causes I feel strongly about - S.A.F.E and APRA.

Most of all, you helped me to notch another year as a practicing creative in a society that does its best to make that task impossible.

I sincerely hope you’ve enjoyed playing a part in my journey and, like me, look forward to the adventures that 2015 hold. I can firmly say that the year ahead will be a life-changer and a sound-changer, so I can’t wait to share that transformation with you.

Thanks again and take care,


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